Anti Bullying Policy

Quadracon Building Pty Ltd is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace that is free from all forms of bullying. Quadracon Building Pty Ltd expects all workers to behave in a professional manner and to treat all other people in the workplace with dignity and respect.

Quadracon Building Pty Ltd will not tolerate bullying in the workplace, and will take appropriate disciplinary action whenever it is found to occur. In serious cases, this may include dismissal of the offender.

Quadracon Building Pty Ltd may deem your conduct to be in breach of this policy even if no person comes forward to raise a complaint. For example, where repeated, unreasonable behaviour directed towards another worker is observed, it may be deemed to constitute bullying under this policy, even if no complaint is made.

Managers and supervisors should ensure that all workers and contractors are aware of this policy. New workers should be given a copy of this policy at their induction and be required to acknowledge that they have read and understood the policy. Managers and supervisors should remind workers of the policy from time to time. It should be made clear to workers that disciplinary action will be taken if a worker breaches this policy.

N.B. Bullying is defined as repeated, unreasonable behaviour directed towards a worker or a group of workers, that creates a risk to health and safety.

David Freedman
Managing Director