Our Impacts


As an organisation, we are already committed to reducing any negative impact of our operations on the environment, in many small ways, as well as be a role model for responsible and sustainable environmental behaviour. But we didn’t want to stop there, we decided to take this further by doing all that we can for our local communities and those further afield who live in the most challenging of conditions.

We liken ourselves to a ‘Waterhole’. This is a great analogy on what we aim to achieve here at Quadracon Building, by being a business for purpose, rather than just simply for profit. The goal is to attract like-minded people to our waterhole. If our people, clients and sub-contractors are the majestic creatures on the African Savannah, then lets give them somewhere awesome to come and drink. Be the waterhole!



B1G1 - Business for good

Quadracon is a business for purpose and member of the Business for Good international community. Through the B1G1 (buy one, give one) initiative, we’ve embedded giving into our business activities so we can make a meaningful difference on a global scale.


Every dollar Quadracon contributes to B1G1 goes directly to carefully vetted high-impact projects. Projects we’ve given to so far include one that offers computer education to children in remote Indigenous communities and another that provides food and shelter to destitute elderly people in India. Our B1G1 contributions are linked to our sales and marketing targets, so our contributions will continue to grow as our business grows.  

Other initiatives that we support


Frankston Dolphins 

We like to support our local community in a broad range of initiatives, so we are proud to announce that we are the 2018 Platinum Sponsors for the Frankston Dolphins VFL Team, an independent local team, who the staff at our Victorian Office are particularly thrilled to be supporting. We are very excited to watch the teams progress this year; cue internal footy tipping competition. C’mon the Dolphins!


We are proud to support Canteen as an initiative very close to our hearts here at Quadracon. They’re the people who support 12-25 year-olds with cancer in their worlds, whether it’s their own diagnosis, a close family member’s cancer or the death of a loved one. They offer support when cancer turns their world upside down and helps them cope with the physical, emotional and practical impact of living with cancer. They believe that no young person should have to face cancer alone, and we wholeheartedly agree!

Who Gives a Crap

When we discovered this great new company, who are trying to make a difference through the most basic of essential items, Toilet Paper, we just had to get on board and swap over all our office paper goods. Not least because, let’s face it, they’re brilliantly funny! But in all seriousness, they don’t use any virgin trees, are ethically and sustainably sound and striving to improve sanitary conditions for some of the poorest and most impoverished areas of the world. Who wouldn’t want to support such a great initiative!


As a company we like to make sure we are doing our bit for the environment wherever possible, every little bit helps, right? Ecobin has enabled us to separate our waste more successfully, whilst giving us the comfort that we’ve chosen bins which have a much lower carbon footprint than your average bin. Due to their manufacturing methodology these bins use 50% less electricity and water. They are also delivered flat packed, ensuring reduced transport emissions. Overall a company that aims to lower greenhouse gas emissions wherever they can!